• Aerosol Suction Machine

    Air Filter Specs Model: RD80 Voltage: 110V 60hz/220V 60hz Power: 220W Air Flow Rate: 340 m2/h Noise: Lowest 52db Size:400x255x596mm Weight: 20.5 kg Diameter of Flange: 75mm Folding Arm Length: 1.4 m Folding Arm Diameter: 63mm

  • Alcohol Wipe CAN

    Alcohol Wipe Can Specs Item: 75% Alcohol Size of Barrel:8*12.5cm Wipe Material: Spunlace non-woven fabric, 40g/m2 Fabric Size: 10cm*15cm Expiration Date:24 months

  • Antibacterial Mobile Phone Case

    Antibacterial Mobile Phone Case

  • MASK

    Cup Mask FFP2

    Cup Mask FFP2

  • Placeholder

    Disposable Mask

    Disposable Mask

  • Disposable Stethoscope

    Disposable Stethoscope Specs: Head: ABS+PVC PVC tubing 60cm ABS binaural+ soft eartip Total size: 80cm

  • Electronical Stethoscope

    Electronic Stethoscope Specs: Battery Specs: Battery Type: 3.7V/2000mAh lithium ion polymer battery Battery Operation Time: 60 hours Battery Use-life: 300 cycles Charging Time: 4 hours Technical Specs: Binaural Headset Chest-piece Sound Processing: Digital Signal Processor Display Screen: 1.3’ Color OLED Low Battery Indicator No Automatic Power Off Volume Control: 1-3 level Sound Amplifier: Amplifies up to 4X Signal Sampling Rate: 8kHz Frequency Response: Heart Sound Mode: 20-500Hz Lung Sound Mode: 200-2000Hz Total Harmonic Distortion<3% Sound Attenuation 100-500Hz:≤12dB 500-1000Hz:≤20dB Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz Dimension: 58mm*78mm

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